The Best Ways to Sanitize Your Vehicle

The Best Ways to Sanitize Your Vehicle | Toronto, ON

Now more than ever, it’s wise to keep your car as clean as possible. Instead of letting it serve as a hub for germs, sanitize your vehicle by following these tips.

Don’t forget gloves. To protect yourself from harsh chemicals — and from any unwanted germs —put on some disposable gloves before you start cleaning. Keep in mind, though, that you shouldn’t touch any surfaces beyond your car and your cleaning supplies. Touching your face, phone, or other surfaces can lead to the spread of germs, so take your gloves off first before doing so.

Deep clean the hard surfaces. Wipe down all of your car’s hard surfaces, paying special attention to any places that might be considered “hot spots,” such as your dashboard, steering wheel, and interior and exterior door handles. Use disinfectant wipes or warm, soapy water to wipe them down.

Give soft surfaces special attention. Germs can easily be absorbed by soft surfaces, making them the most important part of your car to sanitize. Use a proper cleaner for your car’s upholstery and give your floor mats a deep clean with carpet cleaner.

For more tips on the best ways to sanitize your vehicle, get in touch with our service department here at Downtown Toyota in Toronto.