Toyota Brings Toyota Mirai Fuel-Cell Vehicle to Canada

Toyota Brings Toyota Mirai Fuel-Cell Vehicle to Canada | Toronto, ON

Toyota is known for its eco-friendly vehicle options. From the Prius to hybrid variants of its popular vehicles like the RAV4, this Japanese carmaker is one to ensure its customers have plenty of options. Now, it’s expanding its green car lineup in Canada even more with the addition of the Toyota Mirai fuel-cell vehicle.

This fuel-cell vehicle emits zero pollutants, transforming hydrogen into water vapor in order to run. The water vapor then exits through the Mirai’s tailpipe. Because of its eco-friendly power, this Toyota model qualifies for a $6,000 zero-emission-vehicle rebate under Canada’s Clean Energy Vehicle Program.

The Mirai is currently only available in select markets around the world — Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Norway, the United Kingdom, and in California. In a recent announcement, though, the brand revealed that it will be bringing the Mirai to dealerships across Canada over the summer.

With the addition of the Mirai to Toyota’s Canadian lineup, the brand will become the first automaker to offer a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle to the Canadian market in large numbers.

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Benefits of Buying a Toyota Hybrid

Toyota Hybrid | Toronto, ON

Over the past few years, more and more consumers are looking to go green with a hybrid vehicle — and few brands do hybrids as well as Toyota. Here, we take a look at the benefits of buying a Toyota hybrid


Tried and tested technology. Toyota has sold over 12 million hybrids since 1997, which goes to show that the brand’s hybrid technology has been put to the test over the years — and continues to shine. Each model is designed to offer similar performance levels to its gas-powered counterpart, while increasing the amount of time between stops at the gas station. Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive system even makes sure that your driving experience is no different than when you’re behind the wheel of a gasoline-powered engine — besides giving you better fuel efficiency, of course.


Plenty of choice. There are a range of Toyota hybrids to choose from — not just sedans. For instance, if you want something more family-friendly, you can opt for the RAV4 Hybrid crossover or the Highlander Hybrid SUV. The Prius C will offer you a compact option, while Prius Prime offers a plug-in hybrid variant for those who want a PHEV.


Peace of mind. When you purchase a Toyota hybrid, you don’t need to worry about plugging your car in every night unless you want a plug-in hybrid variant. The Hybrid Synergy Drive system utilizes a regenerative braking system to convert braking energy into a charge for your battery, which means you can charge your hybrid vehicle without even having to think about it.


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