3 Tips for Safe Back-to-School Driving

3 Tips for Back to School Driving | Toronto, ON

The beginning of school is just around the corner, which means it’s time to get new backpacks, school supplies, and clothes. You should also start thinking about how you can practice safe driving when you’re dropping the kids off at school in the morning. Here are some back-to-school safe driving tips to help keep you — and those around you — safer this year.

  1. Follow speed limit signs. School zones have specific speed limits that you should always strive to follow. These lower speed limits are posted to ensure that every child remains safe during school hours.
  2. Stay aware. Children can sometimes forget to look both ways before crossing the street. You need to be prepared for this to happen whenever you’re driving close to schools. Drive slowly and be prepared to stop quickly for a darting child.
  1. Be cautious around school buses. Whenever you see the red lights of a school bus flashing or observe its stop sign swinging out to the side, stop immediately. Don’t start up again until the driver turns off the flashing lights and the stop sign goes back to its original position. Even then, you should pull away cautiously in case there are straggling children nearby.