Winter Tire Tips for Toronto Drivers

Winter Tire Tips for Toronto Drivers | Toronto, ON

Believe it or not, winter is upon us once more. That means challenging conditions that can make getting around Toronto tougher. One surefire way to ensure that you’re ready for whatever lies ahead is to follow some key tire care tips — including considering a new set of winter tires.

Why consider winter tires?

Cold-weather or winter tires are a great option for drivers in Toronto, Ontario, because they’re specially engineered to endure low temperatures and deliver top-level performance. The unique rubber and tread patterns help provide better grip, maximizing your traction even on icy roadways.

If you purchase a set of winter tires from the Downtown Toyota Tire Centre, you’ll have your pick from a wide range of brands you know and trust. You can take advantage of special offers as well as great everyday prices, and we’ll make the process of installation and switching back to all-season tires in the springtime quick and painless.

General winter tire care tips

Buying winter tires helps keep you safer and extends the life of your current set of tires. But if you aren’t sure that you want to invest in a second set of tires, these tips will help you get through the winter.

  • Check the air pressure. Find the recommended PSI levels in your owner’s manual and make sure that your tires are always properly inflated.
  • Look for signs of damage. Be on the lookout for cracks, bubbling, or other signs that could indicate your tires are due for a replacement
  • Monitor your tread levels. If you notice that your tread levels look low, get a quarter and insert it between the treads with Queen Elizabeth’s head facing down. If you can see the top of her head, you don’t have enough tread to safely operate your vehicle

Looking to get new tires for the winter? Let the experts at the Downtown Toyota Tire Centre help.