Cool and Convenient Accessories for Your Toyota SUV

Toyota SUV Accessories | Toronto, ON

Here at Downtown Toyota in Toronto, we offer a wide range of helpful accessories that you can add to your Toyota SUV. Whether you drive the Toyota RAV4, Toyota Highlander, or Toyota 4Runner, these are just a few of the accessories available to make every day a little easier and more convenient.

Roof Rack

Whether you’re going kayaking or simply need some extra storage on top of your Toyota, a roof rack is an accessory you should consider. With this piece of equipment, you can simply strap down whatever you need to carry and be on your way.

Cargo Additions

When you’re hauling groceries, camping stuff, and more in your trunk, you want to make sure everything stays organized and safe. Toyota offers a range of options that allow you to do just that. A cargo cover can help hide any valuables from the eyes of passersby, and a cargo net will keep your items from shifting while you’re driving. You can even opt for a cargo liner to protect your trunk from any spills or scratches.

Family-Friendly Features 

Toyota offers family-oriented accessories to keep the kids entertained — and messes contained — on the go. For instance, you can opt for the universal tablet holder to keep your children’s tablets secure. You can also opt for all-season floor mats to help keep your kids’ dirty soccer cleats or camping gear from getting the carpets dirty.


Contact our service department at Downtown Toyota to learn more about ordering and installing these handy SUV accessories.